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Growth today is an investment for Tomorrow

INVEST in YOURSELF you can afford it.

It takes 2 simple steps to build wealth

Earn. Invest.

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Mutual Funds

Performance data shown represents past performance and is no guarantee of future results. Investment return and principal value fluctuate so your shares, when sold, current performance may be lower or higher than quoted.


Super Savings Account

I always encourage people to pay themselves first, so I really advocate setting up direct deposit for your paycheck and establishing an automatic transfer so that part of each paycheck goes straight into your savings account.


SIP with Insurance

Insurance is just a free component. Do not start SIP to get free insurance. Select well rated funds first and then opt for the add-on to enjoy the extra benefit at no additional cost.Buy an adequate Term Insurance cover.


Corporate Fixed Deposits

This is the second type of deposit accepted by Fondzfox. As the name suggest, it is fixed for specific period, a deposit received by a Fondzfox for a fixed period and which is withdraw able only after the expiry of the said period.

Why FundzFox

To build wealth, of course – the smart way!

Four compelling reasons to sign up

Free-for-life account

No hidden charges

Your mutual fund investment account with FundsIndia is free-for-life. There are no account opening charges, transaction or maintenance fees. You also get to benefit.

Expert advisors

Always at your service

Every investor with FundzFox gets a dedicated investment advisor. You can choose to benefit from the expertise of our certified investment advisors, or get instant mutual fund solutions.

Secure transactionst

Bank level security

Fundzfox is officially registered with the industry regulator SEBI and with AMFI, UIDAI, BSE, CDSL, CIBIL and CIRL. All our data and web services are hosted with 24x7.

Family friendly

Multiple accounts, one login

With Fundzfox, you can invest for your family too. All you need to do is add members to your login ID. You can then invest and manage the investments of your entire family.

Fundz Club


Frequently Asked Questions

What is NAV?

NAV is the per-unit value or per-unit price of a particular mutual fund scheme. The number of units allotted to an investor depends on the fund’s NAV..

SIP – The winning recipe to build wealth

SIPs don’t just make it easier to start investing, they also help make it a habit by automating your investments. The best part? You can start as low as Rs. 1,000!

What is compounding?

Compounding is what helps money work for you. It happens when your investments earn returns, and these returns earn for you, over a period of time.

How it Works

Building wealth with FundsIndia is quick and easy.

Get started with just three steps.


Invest with ease

FondzFox offered to All Resident Indians having an Savings Account that will enable them to invest through Mutual Funds online.You can also talk to our expert investment advisors for recommendations and reviews.


Track your progress

This is the foundation of keeping track of your progress and also accomplishing your goals. A lot of us just go through the motions day-to-day in our website or mobile.


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